4-H Cloverbuds

The overall purpose of the 4-H Cloverbuds program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional and physical maturation of five- and six- year olds by providing a unique educational opportunity.


      Cloverbud Information Brochure


Goals for Kansas 4-H Cloverbuds

  • Self-understanding skils (Initiating independence and self-direction
  • Social skills (Getting along with others)
  • Decision-making skills (Making positive choices)
  • Learning skills (Learning to learn)
  • Mastering physical skills (Enjoying constructive and creative play)

Principles for Kansas 4-H Cloverbuds

  • Fun
  • Activity focused
  • Noncompetitive
  • Group-centered learning
  • Positive
  • Success oriented
Cloverbud Resources
Cloverbud Enrollement Information

Cloverbud Information Brochure


Cloverbud Enrollment form 2013-14
Cloverbud Enrollment Letter 2013-14
Kansas 4-H Participation Form 2013-14


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Program Staff
Karla Hightower
Karla Hightower
County Extension Agent, 4-H and Youth
K-State Research and Extension, Miami County
104 S. Brayman Paola KS 66071
Phone : 913-294-4306
Fax : 913-294-4301